How to apply human hair topper

How to apply human hair topper

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Applying a human hair topper can be a great way to address hair loss or add volume to your natural hair. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to apply a human hair topper:

Materials You'll Need:

  1. A Clean Scalp: Ensure your scalp is clean and dry before starting.
  2. Hair Clips or Pins: These will help section off your natural hair.
  3. Hair Comb or Brush: To gently detangle your natural hair.
  4. Adhesive (Optional): Depending on the type of topper and your preference, you may need adhesive or clips to secure it.


  1. Prepare Your Hair:

    • Comb or brush your natural hair to remove tangles and ensure it's smooth and flat against your scalp.
    • If your hair is long, consider tying it in a low ponytail or braid to reduce bulk and make it easier to apply the topper.
  2. Position the Topper:

    • Hold the topper over your head to determine the ideal placement. It should cover the area where you want to add volume or conceal hair loss.
    • Ensure that the front edge of the topper is aligned with your natural hairline.
  3. Secure Your Hair:

    • If you're using clips, open them and attach them to the base of the topper. Then, lift your natural hair and clip it to the topper's base, creating a secure anchor.
    • Alternatively, if you're using adhesive, apply a thin layer to the underside of the topper and press it gently onto your scalp, starting from the front and working your way back.
  4. Blend and Style:

    • Gently comb or brush your natural hair and the topper together to blend them seamlessly.
    • Style your hair as desired. You can use heat styling tools, like curling irons or straighteners, on human hair toppers.
  5. Secure the Topper (if necessary):

    • Some toppers have additional clips at the sides or back for extra security. If your topper has these, use them to ensure it stays in place.
  6. Final Adjustments:

    • Check the mirror to ensure your topper looks natural and secure. Make any necessary adjustments to the placement or style.
  7. Maintenance:

    • Follow the care instructions provided with your human hair topper to keep it in excellent condition.
    • You may need to remove and reapply the topper periodically, depending on your preference and comfort.

Remember that practice makes perfect. It may take a few tries to get the placement and attachment just right. If you're unsure, consider seeking assistance from a professional stylist who specializes in hair toppers or wigs for personalized guidance.

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